The Circle of Excellence Boys’ Math and Science Team

Goal: To provide continuous math and science enrichment and opportunities to prepare future leaders.

Why Math & Science is important
In life math & science are used to perform many different daily tasks from counting change to make strategic decisions in one's work life. Similarly, nearly every profession uses some form of math and/or science. Moreover, math teaches students reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. 
The Circle of Excellence Math and Science Academy was developed by Dr. Dannielle Joy Davis in 2014 (It originally was created for college students by Davis in 1999). The goal of the program is to provide continuous math and science enrichment and opportunities to prepare future leaders in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The program meets weekly to provide challenging math and science enrichment, STEM related fieldtrips, STEM guest speakers, and preparation for academic competitions in math and
science. The program’s key collaborator is the EyeSee Me Foundation, which seeks to advance the learning opportunities of children of color. Minority children from throughout St. Louis are welcome to participate.

Significance of the Project

The project prompts community change by offering STEM enrichment and learning opportunities to groups underrepresented in the math and science fields. The work promises to improve achievement levels of the children and expand future employment options for the participants.
I like coming to the math team because it is fun and
I learn more about math every time. At math and
science team I learned how to do subtraction better
and how to do a little bit of multiplication. My
favorite time in math and science team is when we
went to the math competition.
Landon Page, 2nd Grade

I like coming to this math class because it helps me
with my academic math skills. I also like it because
I meet new people and make new friends. I learned
about a game called Equations and it is…fun. I like
math competitions and seeing my old friends.
Zion Jamerison, 4th Grade


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