About us

Mission Statement

To provide high quality educational products  which promote positive African American Images

We are parents of four lovely children. Together, we have created EyeSeeMe based on our years of experience raising four high achieving children. Our children have been tested in gifted programs; participated in leadership conferences; selected for public speaking engagements; and have attended Harvard University, Columbia University, and Bard College. How did we do it?  

Our children were always inquisitive. After history class they would often run home and recite the many stories they learned about the great men and women of the past. But, they often seemed to have a presumption that their own heritage began at slavery. Yet, we could tell that they yearned for historical stories that included themselves as heroes, victors, founders, creators, and contributors to society. This yearning forced us to do our own research. We did find some very valuable historical information; but it wasn’t packaged in a way that was appealing to children. Furthermore, to our surprise, there were no educational or historical games geared for African American children. Therefore, we had no choice but to create our own.

We knew that if we could instill within our children a pride in their heritage and awareness of the great accomplishments of their forefathers that this would be the foundation that would allow them to grow into their full potential. We also realized that children learn by playing and interacting; not by simply memorizing and regurgitating dates and events during Black History Month.  We created an environment for our children, which bridged the gap between education, identity, history & fun.  We would sit around our dining room table for hours playing and learning. As we began to explore our vast heritage together as a family, we could see the excitement in our children’s souls as they embraced their nearly lost legacy. This excitement for learning transferred into their studies.

As our children grew we saw them approach school with purpose and a clear understanding that they are truly “standing on the shoulders of giants” and have a responsibility to do their best in everything that they do. Others noticed their achievements and upon inquiry we shared our games and products with them as well. Over the years we have had numerous responses from parents and teachers alike, that our products have been instrumental in helping children realize their full potential by seeing themselves in history.


Children need to have black role models and need to have a sense of history in order to understand who they are and build their self-esteem. When children see the many contributions that people that look like them have accomplished and have contributed to the world, they begin to believe in their own limitless potential.

Furthermore, children learn by playing and interacting with others. Eyeseeme’s products have been specially designed to encourage and stimulate a child’s imagination and unleash their true potential through game playing and active learning.


Eyeseeme provides high quality games and educational products which highlight positive, self reflective, images of Biblical and African American heroes.

Eyeseeme offers consumers and retailers a very unique and diverse product line that fosters educational excellence and promotes educational family fun.

We are a family owned and operated business that takes great pride in our ability to offer exceptional service and products to each and every customer. As parents we understand that you want the very best for your children; and provide nothing less. We hope to count you among our satisfied customers soon!

Pamela Blair,
Owner and Founder